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Danielle Kirk, 2000 Olympic Trials

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As many of you know and for those of you who may not racewalking is an official Olympic event for both men and women. Elite level racewalkers typically train 6 - 7 days a week with some athletes logging in as much as 200km per week!

The elite men typically compete internationally at the 20km and 50km distances, while the women currently walk only 20kms.

There are other races held internationally at various distances, but for the most part, championship events are contested at the official Olympic distances of 20k and 50k.

Aside from the elite level racing, racewalking is a sport full of opportunities for everyone. Athletes as young as five to athletes as mature as 99+ have competed and walked all over the world.

This website is provided by former USA National Team Member and Olympic Trials Competitor, Danielle Kirk.


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